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REALTOR Spotlight – Patrick Runne’

Patrick Runné (pronounced rue-nay) and his wife Anita have lived and worked around Salem and the surrounding towns for a long time. Being in real estate and the music business has led him to travel to every part of the North Shore, including the Merrimack Valley and Cape Ann, so he knows the area extremely well.

Patrick strives to constantly improve his skills in order to better serve his clients and has obtained the designations of ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative) and CBR (Certified Buyers Representative) He also recently became a CMRS – Certified Military Specialist in order to help and better understand the VA process for buying a home for our fighting men and women of the armed forces. Patrick was voted as the North Shore Association of Realtors Rookie of the Year for 2016 due to his involvement in the REALTOR Association and his sales record.

Patrick came to real estate from the entertainment industry, with 30+ years of experience as a DJ, musician, comedian, and singer performing in several states as well as the local area in Salem, Marblehead and Beverly. I’m sure you will find that Patrick keeps things light and will keep you entertained during the home buying or selling process, while his serious business side will help you achieve your real estate goals.

Besides real estate, Patrick enjoys music (of course!), his koi pond and his dog, Sophie.

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